Friday, October 2, 2009

I'd rather be with you!

Why is it that when we're away from the person we're attracted to, our feelings become so much stronger?
They have always been in this world, but it's only now that we appreciate their presence on this earth. Everyone should be missed.
When we're with them, it feels like the day will last forever; the sun will continue shining, the moon will continue rising, the stars will continue sparkling, the kisses are never ending, the hugs keep getting tighter, the connection becomes stronger, the happiness continues soaring.
A person who makes us feel this way is one that will continue to do so. Impacts like these don't go away easily, even when the relationship is over. Song lyrics are a great way of easing the mood when missing someone. 'Forever and always', currently playing, describes the way i feel about someone. When thoughts are sung and modulated, it makes the meanging so much more special. Though wishing they could here your thoughts is always on wish lists.
Thoughts are so much more powerful. They are dreams that our brains continue to have night after night and day after day. Just like dreams, we cannot always remember the good thoughts or ideas that pop into our head. They eventually come back to us.
Some people keep dream diaries, our brains are a diary of thoughts.

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