Thursday, July 30, 2009

born, love, married, kids!

Some people seem to think that life runs a certain way. From birth we are expected to go through our years of education, follow our career, then find our soul mate, marry that person and have children, then grow old. Most people do follow or just seem to fall in to this pathway, but its not all free flowing. Life isn't perfect, and thats what makes it so great!

We dont know what to expect. Whether its unpleasant, shocking, creative, undescribable, wall breaking, uncomfortable, nerve racking, spirit lifting, heart pounding, hand sweating, unbelievable, unforgetable, regretable it will make an impact on our life that is going to move us negatively or positively.

Life is full of unexpected corners. Once we've turned down a road, there is no going back. Why walk back when you can move forward onto something great and possibly experience something literally amazing.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Inked Life

Why do photos of nature or ones that have been contrasted, make a mostly positive but sometimes negative impact on our lives? Pictures of everyday nature can somehow create a mood or let off a vibe that gets us saying "WOW, thats amazing", "I've always wanted to see that" or taking our own pictures and then experimenting with the editing tools to create a natural glow or to add effects that a photograph does not capture. Humans and nature have a special relationship. We are constantly around each other, take advantage of one another and barely recognise each others gifts or true values. Once connected, the climax of breathing in the fresh air and seeing the bright colours or natural blue and green is uplifting.


Sunday, July 12, 2009

\\Birth Certificate// Childs name : Dr Amy Lea Price

Are we born a professional?
When do we really know who we are?

Religion says that we are all born for a reason, this is absolutely correct. Everyone on this planet was born with a purpose in life. How we follow to achieve this purpose is our own problem. Only we can determine what we become and only we can choose our own pathway in life. Some people have it easy, already knowing what they want at a ripe young age. For others, it involves many "What about medicine?" "What would business involve?" "What would this course lead me to?"
Once reaching year 12, students are expected to know what career they wish to pursue. However, our final school marks let us know whether this career is possible and whether it is worth further study. Life is something that is taught, we all pass with flying colours, but most take it one board to achieve the true benefits!

The total number of jobs availiable in the US is calculated to be 150 million. How is one person meant to choose one or two careers out of a possible 150 000 000?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sean and Myself in Rotorua, New Zealand!

"Hi, can I please have a large Growing up Meal?"

When we're young, im talking about 10 years old, we dont have a care in the world. Our life was based around making friends, playing in the playground, not worrying about paying for fuel or having responsibilities. When our grandparents say that we've grown up so fast, we usually just giggle it off with a big grin. But think about it, we actually have! It honestly feels like yesterday that I was running the 100m sprint in our primary schools Sport Day, with the prize being a ribbon on a safety pin if you came first, second or third. Now, me and most people in my grade 12 year have spent a year of learning how to drive, then going through a nerve racking hour practical exam to gain our Provisional license, then its licensed to drive by ourselves. Although this means Freedom! its also the added pressure of driving to school and making sure we get to work on time that gets us stressed on top of assignments and QCS practises. This is all life!

Life (Biota) : - In philosophy and religion, the conception and nature of life varies, and offer interpretations in the frameworks of existence and consciousness, and touch on many other related issues, such as value, human interactions, love, life stance, purpose, conceptions of god, the soul and the afterlife.

Knowing that our education years are almost over, is overwhelming for us! This also means the pressure is on to follow a career pathway, making sure we stay close with our friends through out the following year and actually getting a hold of our future. Everything happens for a reason! but we have to make it happen for the desired outcome to follow.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

We never know what other countries are like until we encounter their presence. Sure we've all heard myths and stories about other cultures and unique creations, but to get transported to another part of our worl is truely eye opening. Myself as well as 39 other students were escorted by 6 teachers to the beauiful country of New Zealand during the first week of our holidays. Wow, the climate difference was definetely something to get used to bit when ypur surrounded by such an uplifting smell of Rotorua, which put nicely smells like an egg that has been left in the sun for a number of days, all the minor mishaps start to disappear and your eyes as well as your mind expand to welcome these new sights. The whole point of this trip is to play our music and show off our talent in a program called "Rhapsody Rotorua". 4 days of intense learning, playing, meeting, waking up after 5 to 6 hours of sleep, was something that even though causes stress and illness was indescribable and unforgettable. The length of this blog is very poor but illness struck upon me and this is all i could open up. Enjoy