Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ferris Wheel (L)

My life can be portrayed as a Ferris Wheel.
Big, colourful and always welcoming new people. Sometimes when it's all going good, following one way with minimal changes, a malfuncation occurs. It is rare , close to impossible that a ferris wheel can go backwards, life however can spiral down.
This error can slow the process of reaching the next round right down. All it needs is a few repairs and then it's back on track again.

Life isn't all smooth sailing. Of course there are going to be issues that need resolving and decisions to make, but that what adds to the adventure. Exploring new things everyday or following a different pathway leads us to something unexpected. Ferris wheels are constantly travelling from town to town, seeing completely new surroundings.

Each stop to unload passengers, brings more people into your life. There are people that are not worthy of our friendship but we make up our own decisions about that and know that there are always people there for you.

A Ferris wheel is constantly Full.