Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's been a year...

Its been a year since QCS happened, since I applied for University courses, It's been a year since I've seen so many people from my Grade 12 year, It's been a year since I've met my amazing boyfriend and best friend, It's been a long year of deciding, denying, accepting, remembering all the things that we were used to, imagining and hoping, It's been a year of keeping long distance friendships and finding out who your true friends are.

Why does last year feel like yesterday.... It's not like we can put a years worth of activities into one day, but it sure feels like we have.
Grade 12 (2009)- Current (September,2010)
-Met Luke
-Got introduced to a wonderful new second family
-Finished school
-Had a ball at schoolies
-Recovered from Schoolies illness
-Welcomed a second cousin to the family
-Dad's battling his illness
-Started University
-Left Univeristy
-Become a full time Employee
-Celebrated birthday and anniversaries
-Got my first tattoo
-Spent/still spending to much money
-Started a traineeship
-Upgraded to green P's
-Brother got his Learners license
-Brought two new animals home
-Got my second tattoo
-Dad's battling his illness
-Travelling to Brisbane for a weekend
-Met new people
-Respected everyone

Future to be continued....