Saturday, September 5, 2009

Knights in Shining Armor

Do Knights is Shining Armor really exist? Or is "reaching the desired outcome" only an excuse to avoid the fact that maybe its not what you really want.
We all know the Cinderella tale, but its never easy finding the shoe that fits your beloved other half. Finding "the one" can cost the heart to go into bankruptcy and the brain to go into overload spending! This means meeting people, 'leading them on', realising that its not what you want and walking away. The only problem is that when we're hurt or alone, we except them to be there with arms wide open. Sure they'll be there for us, but only to a certain extent. After people have had a bad experience with anything, their guard rises to protect themselves.

Having a younger sibling say "I didn't think i liked her, but then i realised how hot she was!"
Judging a book by its cover,( tut tut tut) the easiest way to get disappointed and to hurt people.
Do you think if Cinderella, Snow White or even Spiderman (famous upside down kiss) would have kissed their partner if they weren't attractive. We don't see this side to fairytale love.
Moral of this confusing blog : Be grateful for what you have unless your really sure because someday their not going to be there. Other ones may replace the vacant spot!

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