Friday, October 9, 2009

Grease marks, King Gee work clothes, ruggered steel cap boots, CKin2U fragrance, tussled hair, dirty finger nails. Typical Australian Guy! When they walk in the front door our faces light up. Their big grin appears and spreads wider and wider. The glimpse of grease smears catch our eyes and suddenly we're hooked.
This is the type of guy who without fail brings a smile to your face. The funny down to earth guy that is just as charming and generous as a Prince. What is Prince Charming?
Answer: These characters are handsome and romantic. A foil to the heroine, and are rarley deeply characterised, or even distinguishable from other such men.
The truly wanted guy is so much a relation to Prince Charming but is difficult to be seen.
We don't want another Pretty face, we don't want just anyone to hold, we don't want our love to go away, I won't you and your beautiful soul. I know that you are something special. To you I'd be always faithful. I want to be what you always needed and i want you to see the heart in me.
Prince Charmings are seen in Fairytales to kiss the princesses which undoes the curse that is cast upon her and then they live happily ever after.
I'm lucky enough to have found just this <3


  1. Oh Amy, you and Luke are so good together!

  2. My darling girl, I have something on my blog for you!