Thursday, September 3, 2009

Written Task

We are self-obsessed, financially irresponsible and are ofthen mislead by captivating ideas which mark our individualisation and appearances. Life is said to give us a framework in which the laws of nature can be observed and quantified. In the one hundred years that we have to live, nature controls our ability to show signs of living. Natural Causes such as wrinkles, fine lines, spider veins, eye sight problems, receeding hair lines and grey hair are all ways of letting people know that we have lived for a long time.

We are forced to spend time at a fixed rate of 60 seconds every minutes. The second that has just passes now, cannot be redeemed. One second does not seem like a major time of life that had been lived. However, each second in a minute that passes, leads us closer and closer to the result of aging. Our appearans can be altered by creams, plastic objects being inserted into our bodies, minerals, vitamins and specialised foods. Sure these products are dermatalogically tested to work, byt only for temporary use. The main concept behinf the purpose of these products in money. In work, time is money. People work on procedures, either medical or scientific, everyday to try and make an impact on the future of health and medicine.

Plastic surgeons are often protested against and sued because the their medical work did not give someone the desired results. Capturing our past experiences with technology and planning our future can produce before and after effects of life. Childhood is when time does not matter, adolescent years are when time flys by and adulthood is when time stays on tracj.

Our future is not written in stone. It is more like a blank canvas waiting to be a host for nearby paint and brush strokes. We can plan our future, but nothing will ever really go 100% according to plan. There is said to be a distinct flow in life. Birth, Education, Career, Marriage, Children, Retiring and then growing old. This sequence is still used as a stencil in life but now with added benefits of travelling and technology creations. Time is anything and is everywhere.

We're so interested in human life extensions because we don't want to miss seeing all the beautiful features that nature provides our world with. It is difficult to grasp the idea of people living for two or even three hundred years because it is not a reality. Much like the "Curious Case of Benjamin Button". This tale follows the life of a boy born with the appearnaces of a 90 year old man. Insteadof aging with time, the boy decreases in age and wrinkles. A birth defect is the cause of this but as we already know the journey of life is the complete opposite. It is a concept that is difficult to grasp.

One hundred years seems like an exhaustable amount of time for humans to live, but one hundred years is only the recommened dosage. Not everyone lives to celebrate their 100th birthday, but it is always a realistic goal.

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