Saturday, July 11, 2009

"Hi, can I please have a large Growing up Meal?"

When we're young, im talking about 10 years old, we dont have a care in the world. Our life was based around making friends, playing in the playground, not worrying about paying for fuel or having responsibilities. When our grandparents say that we've grown up so fast, we usually just giggle it off with a big grin. But think about it, we actually have! It honestly feels like yesterday that I was running the 100m sprint in our primary schools Sport Day, with the prize being a ribbon on a safety pin if you came first, second or third. Now, me and most people in my grade 12 year have spent a year of learning how to drive, then going through a nerve racking hour practical exam to gain our Provisional license, then its licensed to drive by ourselves. Although this means Freedom! its also the added pressure of driving to school and making sure we get to work on time that gets us stressed on top of assignments and QCS practises. This is all life!

Life (Biota) : - In philosophy and religion, the conception and nature of life varies, and offer interpretations in the frameworks of existence and consciousness, and touch on many other related issues, such as value, human interactions, love, life stance, purpose, conceptions of god, the soul and the afterlife.

Knowing that our education years are almost over, is overwhelming for us! This also means the pressure is on to follow a career pathway, making sure we stay close with our friends through out the following year and actually getting a hold of our future. Everything happens for a reason! but we have to make it happen for the desired outcome to follow.

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