Sunday, July 12, 2009

\\Birth Certificate// Childs name : Dr Amy Lea Price

Are we born a professional?
When do we really know who we are?

Religion says that we are all born for a reason, this is absolutely correct. Everyone on this planet was born with a purpose in life. How we follow to achieve this purpose is our own problem. Only we can determine what we become and only we can choose our own pathway in life. Some people have it easy, already knowing what they want at a ripe young age. For others, it involves many "What about medicine?" "What would business involve?" "What would this course lead me to?"
Once reaching year 12, students are expected to know what career they wish to pursue. However, our final school marks let us know whether this career is possible and whether it is worth further study. Life is something that is taught, we all pass with flying colours, but most take it one board to achieve the true benefits!

The total number of jobs availiable in the US is calculated to be 150 million. How is one person meant to choose one or two careers out of a possible 150 000 000?

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  1. Love your words Amy, too true. Sometimes fate deals a hand or two.