Thursday, July 30, 2009

born, love, married, kids!

Some people seem to think that life runs a certain way. From birth we are expected to go through our years of education, follow our career, then find our soul mate, marry that person and have children, then grow old. Most people do follow or just seem to fall in to this pathway, but its not all free flowing. Life isn't perfect, and thats what makes it so great!

We dont know what to expect. Whether its unpleasant, shocking, creative, undescribable, wall breaking, uncomfortable, nerve racking, spirit lifting, heart pounding, hand sweating, unbelievable, unforgetable, regretable it will make an impact on our life that is going to move us negatively or positively.

Life is full of unexpected corners. Once we've turned down a road, there is no going back. Why walk back when you can move forward onto something great and possibly experience something literally amazing.