Saturday, April 30, 2011

Party planning, organising someone's work load, the busy hustle of weekday streets, managing tasks... Sounds like a good job?
I would love it!
Recently completing Certificate two in Community Pharmacy and running my Intimo business, i wondered what other studies I could undertake to broaden my knowledge in the workplace. Becoming a secretary to bridge in to becoming a Personal Assistant is what I have my finger on. I picture myself working for a very successfull businessmen/businesswoman where my assistance is appreciated everyday and where my workload is kept constant but organized. The thrill of knowing that your helping a business grow everyday is what would make the job so enjoying. I have just recently enrolled in Certificate 3 in Business administration, to eventually lead in to Certificate 4 and then reaching a Diploma of Business administration. These are reachable stepping stones to lead to my goal. To be in a job where you are constantly learning about the workplace and your employer and to be widening your knowledge in the business industry is worth all the study!

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