Saturday, February 19, 2011

The above logo says it all!
I'm an Independent Intimo Consultant!
We believe that every women has the right to feel fabulous in beautiful well fitting and supportive lingerie. Everyday
And every women has the right to financial independence, professional pride, personal fulfillment and control over her own destiny. Always
Together we are inspiring women to make a difference. Everyday. Always

Intimo has lead me to meet such wonderful ladies, all of different sizes and nationality and all with beautiful personalities and a want to feel sexy and beautiful in Lingerie.

Lingerie is not for men. Lingerie is for yourself. Lingerie shows our personalities. We can wear what we want everyday and not be judged. Some ladies hide it, some ladies flaunt it.
At parties I always here, 'Who would i wear that for? or 'I would have to stand in front of the TV and he still wouldn't notice'.
As long as it makes you feel confident and beautiful, that's all the matters.

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