Saturday, June 27, 2009


Wow! this blogging world is a mystery
i realised today, that even when nothings on tv, the streets are quiet and silence is all that is heard, something is making loud sounds. Whether its the annoying birds outside the window, your bother singing at a pitch that has never been reached in the natural world, or the washing machine whirling, love and feelings are everywhere! making sure you know that their here

When i began to think that my saturday will consist of watching sex and the city episodes on the couch after getting my hair done, i realised that the sun was out, the heat was back and the beach was right there! a short phone call meant that i had two friends keen to keep me accompany me to enjoy the dead, clear, high tided ocean.

Walking along the beach, a football kept rolling our way. Boys, we sighed.
boys, boys, boys... they differ from females so uniquely and inspiring. Sending his little brother down to slyly ask for our phone numbers, the alpha male was no where to be seen.
Our walk ended with a few more run ins with the little brother and a nightowl cup of shells!
We soaked up our beauty for the day


  1. Cripes Amy, talk about deep and meaningful!!!!!
    Love you.

  2. Just beautiful Amy!!! Lovely to hear that you had a great day!

  3. Love you honey!
    YOu have a wonderful way with words.