Saturday, June 27, 2009

We've all had an encounter with a kind stranger that changed our day. These are the type of people that with a small thank you, excuse me or just a polite smile or hand gesture, can put a smile on our face and a spring in our step. People may be afraid of meeting new people, but instead of meeting, be a friend!
Friendship ; Co operative and supportive behaviour between two or more people. Friends will welcome each others company and exhibit loyalty towards each other.

Walking past the same gentleman each morning, the same layout occurs. Try not to look until your close to them (staring as their walking is intimidating), show a nice smile, a small wave, a "how are ya?", and your on your way again. Something as small and cohesive as this, brings happines into someones life.

A friend introduces you to another half. All you see is the front cover of the book and few other marks on the title. A bright blue vehicle, a new face to meet and curiosity rolls in.
The same scenario takes place. "Hi", "Nice to meet you" and then small talk follows.

What we don't know it that this newcommer, is just like a brand new toy but different. Nice to look at, fun to be entertained by. But thats not all, unlike a new toy, this new encounterment doesn't just fade away and eventually get dusty and thrown out. This new person is someone that makes a difference to your life. Whether you've only met them once, you get a feeling their here for life. Everyone has "Friends" but we all need Friends to get by. Talking is a way of cleansing, laughing is a way of curing, trusting is a way of life!

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